Sunday, April 26, 2015

Facebook's feature to help Earthquake victims

Earthquake, which hit Nepal and other nearing parts of the India, has left around 2000 people dead. This time it is recorded as the worst one in the last 80 years. 

In such times, technology is much useful as to inform loved ones who are far away from victims that they are safe. Understanding the gravity of the situation, Facebook has launched one interesting feature called "Safety Update", which helps in informing loved ones about the status of their safety.

Users can click the “I’m safe” button or “I’m not in the area”. You can even indicate the status of your friends in your network, by marking them safe if you know they are OK.

Just as Google's "Person finder" feature does track missing persons around the world.
If people make use of these useful tools, technology really will be a boon for world.


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Great......I was in danger zone in the time of earth quack. Thanks
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That would be amazing if they could create a button for all the countries where the war is. Don't you think so? It would be useful not only for free resume proofreading for veterans but also for the rest people on the world who has the Internet.

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